Topographical Surveys

Topographical survey provides an accurate record of the site. Topographical surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing natural and man-made features on site (i.e. buildings, fences, trees, roads, manholes, terrain, etc.)

We offer a wide range of topographical surveys from full feature survey which contains all visible features on site, contour lines in 2D or 3D formats and cross/profile sections at agreed locations; through to the basic survey showing site boundary outline and spot levels suitable for submission with planning applications. Various local authorities are requesting that applications should be submitted with site levels, contour lines and sections through proposed sites, including adjoining roads with sightlines. Surveys can be produced to various grid reference systems such as Irish Grid and Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) or can also be produced to a local grid depending on your requirements. Generally these types of surveys are provided to architects, engineers, geologists and building contractors for design and build purposes.

We have surveyed numerous sites from large retail development, existing quarries for landfill purposes, through to rear gardens for house extensions. We carry out our surveys using conventional techniques with total station instruments or modern GPS satellite technology.