Schedules of Condition

The condition of a building often requires recording, either in relation to a new lease, prior to refurbishment, or because of alteration works being undertaken on adjacent buildings. This document can then act as a reference point on the building’s condition.

There are two types of Schedule of Condition to be considered:

  • A Schedule of Condition can also be commissioned by a tenant entering into a Lease arrangement whereby they are to be responsible for maintaining a building in the same condition as at commencement of the Lease. This type of condition survey will again record with text and photographs all relevant defects etc. so as to protect the tenant in the event that a landlord serves a Schedule of Dilapidations on termination of the Lease.
  • A Condition Survey (also called a Dilapidation Report) is a report prepared on an existing building prior to any development works been carried out adjacent or nearby. The preparation of such a report protects both the adjacent property owner and the developer as it records the current condition in both report format with a back-up photographic schedule. The report will identify the location, type and extent of any current defects in a building.